‘Hundreds of positions’: Clinical, non-clinical jobs available at KPC Health hospitals in OC, Inland Empire – ABC7

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As the economy continues to struggle and businesses are put on hold, more and more people find themselves out of work, but there are some industries that are hiring. Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri, KPC health’s chief medical officer, joined ABC7 via Skype to discuss jobs in healthcare. “This is a perfect time if you’re thinking about a career change to jump into the health care industry because there’s such a need,” said Chaudhuri. “There’s positions in the clinical side, as well as the non-clinical side. And if somebody has no experience in non-clinical side, KPC Health loves to partner with people and promote education within the employee ranks so people can rise. If they have a desire to eventually become clinical, we would love that. If they want to stay on the administrative side, there is support for that as well.”
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